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    Club Enhancements: Menus


    As IPS's implementation of forums and other features within clubs doesn't allow for nesting, I had this app developed by CodingJungle to visually mimic such behavior. This app will provide a drag-and-drop interface that allows you to create complex club menus. The underlined menu items are "Labels" and are not "clickable".  Their purpose is to allow the categorization of content.  You can also create "Pages" which are "clickable" that you can drag features underneath.  Pages woul

    Prefix & Tags in Saved Actions


    This plugin will give the ability to admin add prefix/tags to topics when running Saved Actions. Requirement: Forums app Przejdź do sklepu

    (TB) VIP Status for Members


    This application lets admins add a VIP Status to specific members promoting them to a different group. It can be either a permanent promotion or a temporary one. It can be used to give higher privileges to helpful members of the community (for example hiding ads for them). Features: Setting to specify which group VIP members are moved to. Setting to specify which group expired VIP members are moved to. It also supports "Original Group" as an option. Option to send a PM n

    (TB) Log Attachments Downloads


    This plugin logs every attachment download for files uploaded through an editor. Please note that inline images are NOT logged.   Features: Setting to choose which groups can view the download logs. Setting to choose where the view logs icon/badge will be displayed. This plugin works in every area attachments can be uploaded through an editor: posts, comments, reviews, blog entries, pages databases, reports, announcements, pms, etc. Notes: Each purchase

    [IPS News] New feature: disable your inbox


    Take control of your community messenger inbox. Topics, replies and reviews are an incredible way to engage with members in a community, but sometimes a conversation needs to be had in private.  Invision Community's built-in messenger is a powerful system that allows members to privately message another member, or a group of members, directly within your community.  However, allowing your members unrestricted access to reach out could clog up your community inbox (and mind!). Ther
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