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  3. As IPS's implementation of forums and other features within clubs doesn't allow for nesting, I had this app developed by CodingJungle to visually mimic such behavior. This app will provide a drag-and-drop interface that allows you to create complex club menus. The underlined menu items are "Labels" and are not "clickable". Their purpose is to allow the categorization of content. You can also create "Pages" which are "clickable" that you can drag features underneath. Pages would be ideal if you want to provide information to the user about that particular category. You add all of the features you want to include in your menu via the "Add Club Feature" below. Once you have added the features you want you click on "Manage Menus" where you can drag and drop to your heart's content. Upon clicking on the "Manage Menus" option the following screen pops up: If you want to create a nested menu, click on the "Add Parent Group" button. Click on the "Pencil" Icon to rename the Parent Group to whatever you want. You can click on the "+" sign to create a "Label". Rename the "Label" to whatever category you want, repeat as necessary. You can drag "Features" into the new Parent Group in whatever order you desire. You can place them within a "Label" or "Page" or by themselves. For orphaned "Parent Groups" you can go ahead and click on the "X" to delete them. If you don't, they won't show up in the menu if there are no "Labels" or "Features" within. You can also reorder "Parent Groups", so they show up in the menu in any order you desire. It takes a moment for the program to write changes in the background so it's best not to rush your mouse movements. This app will afford you an opportunity to try out a multitude of different use cases you may have never thought clubs could be used for. If you have a less than robust server and lots of people using clubs, please limit the complexity of your menus. I would recommend a measured approach. Add a few new features to a club and observe how it impacts your server. If it seems to handle things well add a few more new features to a club and observe how it impacts your server. You should readily determine when you're about to reach your server's limit, when that happens back off from adding any new features to your club menus. I would recommend "Quality" over "Quantity" when it comes to utilizing this app to its fullest. Przejdź do sklepu
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  5. This plugin will give the ability to admin add prefix/tags to topics when running Saved Actions. Requirement: Forums app Przejdź do sklepu
  6. This application lets admins add a VIP Status to specific members promoting them to a different group. It can be either a permanent promotion or a temporary one. It can be used to give higher privileges to helpful members of the community (for example hiding ads for them). Features: Setting to specify which group VIP members are moved to. Setting to specify which group expired VIP members are moved to. It also supports "Original Group" as an option. Option to send a PM notification to members who are promoted to VIP and when their VIP status expires. Every VIP status change is logged in the member history in ACP. A new icon is added in the user bar near the notification icon while the user is in the VIP group. Expired VIP Members are automatically moved out of the VIP group by a task. Notes: Each purchase entitles you to use the modification on a single Community installation. Przejdź do sklepu
  7. This plugin logs every attachment download for files uploaded through an editor. Please note that inline images are NOT logged. Features: Setting to choose which groups can view the download logs. Setting to choose where the view logs icon/badge will be displayed. This plugin works in every area attachments can be uploaded through an editor: posts, comments, reviews, blog entries, pages databases, reports, announcements, pms, etc. Notes: Each purchase entitles you to use the modification on a single Community installation. Przejdź do sklepu
  8. Take control of your community messenger inbox. Topics, replies and reviews are an incredible way to engage with members in a community, but sometimes a conversation needs to be had in private. Invision Community's built-in messenger is a powerful system that allows members to privately message another member, or a group of members, directly within your community. However, allowing your members unrestricted access to reach out could clog up your community inbox (and mind!). There are times when you may want a little space from receiving new messages. For example, when you are… Going on vacation Working on a project that requires your complete attention Needing a moment to catch up Currently, your only option is to disable the entire messaging system. That is effective, but it means you cannot engage with existing messages, send replies or message other members. We’ve developed a solution! Invision Community 4.7.0 allows for more refined control over your messenger by allowing you to disable the inbox. The benefit of this is that you can continue existing conversations and start conversations with others while preventing anyone from messaging you (except staff members) either directly or via the Alerts System. The "Disable my messenger" link has been replaced with "Disable my inbox". The warning pop-up makes it clear what this action will do. Of course, administrators can still completely disable the messenger for themselves and other members of the community, which prevents them from accessing the messenger entirely. The new disable your inbox feature, included in Invision Community 4.7.0, will be available to all in the near future. Thoughts on the disabling the inbox feature? Let us know what you think in the comments! Related: Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  9. Mobile Navigation is a plugin, that add a special phone/tablet navigation at the bottom of Invision website. this navigation will give a look of smart mobile devices applications, for users when browsing website in mobile and have constant access to important links and features. apart from basic buttons, it is possible to add unlimited links as well, through a stylish menu in navigation. Demo Przejdź do sklepu
  10. Invision Community’s forthcoming release includes an exciting new feature available for all. Announcing the Alert System! ™ The Alert System is a new tool for community managers to communicate with their members. There are times when a community manager needs to bring information to the attention of either a single user, or a group of users; existing systems such as PMs are warning points are not suitable. So, we developed a happy medium to empower you. The new alert system offers multiple ways to engage with single users or multiple member groups with a message that must be acknowledged and dismissed before further engagement with the community. Here are a few examples of when a community leader can use the Alert System for individual members: Moderator actions A moderator moves a topic and wants to inform the topic starter that the topic has been moved and why. Get ahead of warnings A member left a comment that doesn’t justify a warning point, nor should it warrant a private message. You want to kindly remind them of the community guidelines. Community leaders may wish to send information to an entire member group. This may to warn them of new limits, or to notify support changes, etc. Here are a few examples of when a community leader can use the Alert System for groups: Updates to community guidelines After reviewing and updating your community guidelines or terms of service, you can send an alert to all affected member groups outlining the changes, so they are aware. As the message needs to be dismissed before any further interaction with the community, you can be sure it has been read before any more posts are made. This example shows an alert with send anonymously switched on. Welcome message To strengthen your onboarding flow, you may like to send all new members a welcome message to introduce yourself and your team, along with some helpful information to help get them settled in. This example shows an alert with the option to reply, with send anonymously turned off. Heads up Remind a group of a permanent account-related change, like their subscription will be decreasing/increasing. New forums added After consultation with your community, you want to add some new discussion areas for your VIP Members. You can now send an alert targeted to members in that group to let them know where the new forums are and what their purpose is. Let's chat You notice that a great community member is having a bad day. Instead of reaching for punitive tools, you can send them an alert that they have to reply to before being allowed to continue engaging in the community. These are just a few examples; of course, the alerts functionality has a lot of flexibility built in. Alerts are managed from the Moderator's Control Panel. Let us take a look at the different areas that can be configured. Dates Each alert has a start date, and this date can be in the future. This is especially useful if you have an event coming up you want to showcase. You can optionally set an expiration date to only serve the alert for members that visit between the start and end date. You can also leave it running indefinitely for uses such as the welcome message. Send to This section allows you to choose to send to a single user or to a single or multiple groups. If you are sending to groups, you can further fine-tune the deliverability by choosing to send to everyone currently registered and to new members when they register, or you can target just new members (to be precise, this will target members who register after the alert date), this option is ideal for the welcome message alert. Send as yourself or anonymously You can choose to send the alert anonymously or from yourself. There are times when you want a personal touch and times when you need more of a system style alert, perhaps when notifying of guideline updates. Or, if the message is general, or you want to protect members of your team, send the alert anonymously. Replies If you choose to send the alert personally, then you can allow the member to reply, force the member to respond to dismiss the alert or remove the ability to reply. For a welcome message, you'd likely want to allow replies which then will create a new personal message between you and the member. We have built the system to be very flexible to cover a wide range of uses where you want to directly engage with a member or group of members and be confident that they have seen the alert before any further engagement in the community. Alerts can be used to strengthen onboarding, notify sections of your community about exciting new features and changes or even create an open dialogue after a punitive measure such as having a posting time-out. This feature is coming to Invision Community 4.7, across all platforms. Thoughts on our new Alert System?! Drop us a line in the comments and let us know what you think. Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  11. Live Messenger for Invision Community. This app is not an alternative to the standard IPS Messenger, but a handy add-on. Live Messenger was created to relieve communication with other users. Loading and sending new messages is happens without reloading the pages. The main advantage of this application is that you can quickly write or read a personal message on any community page. Features Quick Buttons: create pm, open messenger and show/hide Live Messenger window. Quick access to recent private messages. Quick access to the private conversation. Messages in a minimal design, without distracting design elements. Select the groups that can use Live Messenger. PM read/unread icon. Quick message sending. Przejdź do sklepu
  12. This plugin integrates FluidPlayer into the Invision Power framework. When installed, all traditional video embeds will be replaced by a much cleaner, more modern looking video player. Want to see it in action? You can find a functional demo of FluidPlayer on their official website! https://www.fluidplayer.com/ Przejdź do sklepu
  13. FiveStyle theme was created for roleplay FiveM communities. Easy to configure with powerfull features. THEME FEATURES THEME DEMO: CLICK (in theme selection pick FiveStyle) Przejdź do sklepu
  14. Profile Reviews app allows your users to leave rated reviews on other users' profiles. This forms the average rating of the profile from all the reviews in it. Profile reviews can be commented on. Settings Groups that can add reviews. The number of comments per page. Whether or not to show the rating in the profile hovercards. Whether or not to show rating in forum posts. Widgets Top popular profiles. The widget will show the profile with the highest rating based on reviews. Latest reviews. A feed of reviews sorted by date added. Przejdź do sklepu
  15. Featured groups Settings Profile settings Possibility to set a "badge" in the profile Selecting a badge design Topics settings Ability to set a ribbon in replies Homepage settings Possibility to set up a badge on the homepage Premium page settings Column setting option Select background color and text for permissions Selecting an icon for permissions List of permissions that are displayed on the subpage View board Display name changes Search flood control Can be ignored Can post anonymously Hide online list Can upload attachments Maximum storage for each submission Can delete attachments Can create polls Can vote in polls Can close own polls Highlight replies Can use tags Can use prefixes Can change rating Can give star ratings for content Can edit own content Can edit silently Can hide own content Can delete own content Max items of content (posts, comments, etc.) Bypass automatic moderation Can lock and unlock own content Bypass flood control Bypass content moderation Can promote to social media Can edit profile information Allow animated profile photos Can upload a cover photo Maximum cover photo size Can view Display Name History Conversations allowed to start per day Conversations allowed to start per minute Maximum recipients per conversation Conversation storage quota Can upload attachments in messages Override recipients' storage quota Maximum number of reactions allowed to give Can view who reacted Can post status updates Can import status updates And group permissions from the Members Shop application List of groups List of premium groups Premium Groups subpage Przejdź do sklepu
  16. As the Invision Community platform continues to evolve, so do the precarious ploys of pesky bots. Oftentimes spammers, whether they are bots or actual humans, spam your community with links in an effort to boost their website’s SEO. There are already a number of ways in the Invision Community platform to fight against spam, including… Our native Spam Defense built into the platform that scores a newly-registered member Placing new registrations into a moderator queue Adding word filters that, when triggered, put the member in a moderation queue We also integrate with various CAPTCHAs. You might be unfamiliar with the term, but you’ve definitely participated with one. It’s a digital gatekeeper in the form of an interactive puzzle that asks you to find patterns or similar images in order to evade malicious bots from taking action, whether that’s submitting a spam email, comment or registering an account. Our existing CAPTCHA defenses include: Invisible reCAPTCHA where the system intelligently detects if the user is human in the background reCAPTCHA V2 where the user simply clicks an "I'm not a robot" checkbox keyCAPTCHA where the user must complete a jigsaw puzzle In our latest update, version 4.7, we’ve included yet another defense to block spam from seeing the light of day: hCaptcha hCaptcha is one of the world's most widely used independent Captcha services. We’re incorporating it in a few places where spammers can prepare their attacks. Registering: Prevent spammers from joining your community. If enabled, the hCaptcha will stop spammers in their tracks before even creating an account in your community. Guest posts: Community leaders have the option to allow guests to reply to topics. This could potentially open up the floodgates for spammers, but the hCaptcha effectively mitigates this by asking the entity (hopefully an actual person) to problem solve. If the sequence is not successfully completed, the guest post be published. hCaptcha is available in the new 4.7 Beta 1 release. Give it a shot and let us know what you think in the comments… just be sure to successfully select all the traffic lights if you’re a guest! Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  17. Esta é uma tradução simples para ajudar os brasileiros que estão começando com o Invision Community, a não ter muito trabalho com isso. Não irei traduzir o AdminCP pois o suporte prestado pela IPS é em english, e para não causar erro de entendimento nas configurações. Locais já traduzidos: Core Correio de Mensagem Painel de Moderação: Denúncias (100%) / Fila de Aprovação (100%) / Conteúdo Deletado (100%) / Ferramenta de IP (100%) / Gerenciar Usuário (Em progresso) Estarei traduzindo com o tempo... Przejdź do sklepu
  18. Tired of scrolling up to the top on phone/tablet to reach the "Unread Content" link or whatever other default stream you've setup? This plugin adds a link for it at the bottom of each page. Przejdź do sklepu
  19. This plugin disables the topic hover preview while viewing a forum. Features ACP setting to leave the preview enabled in certain forums. Przejdź do sklepu
  20. This plugin allows to replace the topic status icons in forum view and topic view with badges. Features Settings to enable/disable each icon separately: Featured Pinned Poll Solved Post Approval Notes If you'd like to replace also the Locked icon use my other plugin (TB) Show Badge for Locked Topics instead. Przejdź do sklepu
  21. Important: this plugin is intended for self-hosted sites only Are you somebody who makes use of the USE_DEVELOPMENT_BUILDS constant? Do you sometimes forget that you have it enabled on a DEV or TEST installation, or even your PRODUCTION/LIVE site? Would you like a little reminder that it is enabled, to avoid accidentally updating to an ALPHA or BETA version of the IPS Community Suite? Well, here you go...a reminder displayed in the 'Support' page Przejdź do sklepu
  22. This plugin allows to change the number of items shown per page since IPS supports this by default only for the Forums application (topics per page) and Pages application (records per page). Supported Applications System (ModeratorCP) Announcements Reports Warnings Blogs Blogs Blog Entries Commerce Support Requests Support Request Replies Downloads Category Files Gallery Albums Album Images Notes Please remember that changing the number of items per page might break old "page=X" links. If you'd like to see more applications supported let me know and I can take a look. Przejdź do sklepu
  23. This resource will create an automatic reply to the newly topic listing helpful predefined links added by the admin in a Admin CP module. Same behavior can be found on Reddit, for example. Przejdź do sklepu
  24. This plugin changes the default sorting for Questions-type forums to "Date" instead of "Votes". Features: ACP setting to exclude certain forums even with the plugin enabled. Przejdź do sklepu
  25. The application adds the ability to set an informational message when certain users or groups are selected as private message recipients. The message will be loaded automatically. Przejdź do sklepu
  26. Blockonomics helps you to track and accept Bitcoin payments. Take control of your BTC funds. Join 40,000+ users worldwide. All proceeds from the sale will be donated to the Ukrainian Refugee Fund. Przejdź do sklepu
  27. PayOp Payment Gateway for Invision Community. PayOp – more than accepting online payments! Offer your customers the most popular payment methods in just a few clicks. Optimize your business processes with unique payment solutions. Przejdź do sklepu
  28. This application adds a QR Code to the share button for items and the individual share popup for individual posts/comments/reviews. Features 2 free APIs supported: Google & QuickChart. Options to change the following settings for all APIs: size, margin, error correction level. The QuickChart API supports 3 additional settings: foreground and background color, image format. Notes Test colored QR Codes if you use the QuickChart API. Depending on the chosen colors' contrast the QR code might not work! If you'd like to see more free (or paid) APIs supported let me know. Przejdź do sklepu
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