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  2. hi @Support in AcMe theme, postbit Icons goes under border like below image
  3. https://samaritan.io/ couldnot found in settings
  4. Can we please get a screenshot of new theme called "sendo"
  5. demo


  6. nice man!
  7. this is a test for embedding
  8. Yes, I know. I'm sorry involving into this, but back then really loved the theme and kept look for someone who can sell to me (I don't have iPB license.) Thanks anyway.
  9. I paid someone to buy this theme (he has it too), is there any way to I get support or newer versions of nexxe? I didn't know that you guys were selling theme outside of invision. (The guy who gave me the theme is bought from invision, I have proofs of this. Can send screenshot)
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