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  1. It was enough to write to me.
  2. It is forbidden to buy a template from others. Older versions are illegally shared on nulled sites. Support is provided only to people who have legally purchased the template.
  3. CodeBite did not make this template and will not be updated.
  4. Write me a private message.
  5. Write to me pw, it is possible.
  6. https://www.facebook.com/codebitedev/photos/a.248827758792705/1484584025217066/
  7. Support


  8. @AquilaTempestas You must write to me at PW. The only option is to buy by sending me the money directly on paypal.
  9. I corrected a few roundings, but because of the IPS structure it won't match everything, even on the default template there are "flowers"
  10. Look at the default IPS template and it's not the same? Better statistic looks like this, I didn't make this plugin and the template has nothing to do with this look. The icons for the department statistics are made on the pc and they will also be on the mobile version. The rest are things that are the same in the IPS template. Edit: I fixed those things that are bugs from the template level.
  11. Nexxe Theme ( IPS version 4.5 ) Template with a choice of ( light/dark ) color versions. Colors and sizes using CSS Vars. Choosing the font color, the theme has many settings and can be fully customized. It's perfect for all forums, beautifully displaying all site content. Possibility to change header, slider, navigation, popus, forms, comments and much more.. Permanent support - Write me a private message and you will receive the rank of customer on the codebite.dev/ips You can buy a plug-in to remove copyright from the footer. ( private message ) (click) View demo (click) Login: demo Password: Test Theme by CodeBite.dev
  12. Cześć, Ten temacik dotyczy mojego nowego szablonu Nexxe, zacząłem go powoli kodować i z pewnością jest bliżej ujżenia swiatła dziennego niż nie Jeżeli korzystacie ze skryptu IPS to wiecie jakie mają potrzeby użytkownicy, czego brakuje w aktualnych szablonach i co warto dodać? Ten szablon od poprzedniego Acme bedzie się troszkę różnił, bedzie on w 2 kolorystykach ciemny/jasny, każdy użytkownik będzię miał możliwość zmiany kolorystyki. Będzie on lżejszy od poprzedniego i jeszcze łatwiejszy w dopasowaniu pod siebie. Hi, This theme is about my new Nexxe template, I started coding it slowly and it sure is closer to seeing daylight than not If you use the IPS script, do you know what the users' needs are, what is missing in the current templates and what is worth adding? This template from the previous Acme will be slightly different, it will be in 2 dark / light colors, each user will be able to change the color. It will be lighter than the previous one and even easier to fit under yourself.
  13. This is not the template's fault, only script errors. Check if it will be the same on the default template. Are you using the licensed version of ips?
  14. Hey, What is your question?
  15. @Dyzelinas Thanks for enjoying it.
  16. The first thing you do is go into P@ s settings of a given group and set group formating <span class='rank_client'> Group Name </span> And you add css code in custom.css, for example. .cAuthorPane_info .rank_client { background: #000; display: inline-block; border-radius: 3px; width: auto; padding: 8px 15px; margin: 5px 0 10px 0; font-size: 13px; font-weight: 400 !important; color: #fff !important; overflow: hidden; position: relative; z-index: 1; } I can't help you better.
  17. Hi, You must use some CSS code.
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