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  1. Esta é uma tradução simples para ajudar os brasileiros que estão começando com o Invision Community, a não ter muito trabalho com isso. Não irei traduzir o AdminCP pois o suporte prestado pela IPS é em english, e para não causar erro de entendimento nas configurações. Locais já traduzidos: Core Correio de Mensagem Painel de Moderação: Denúncias (100%) / Fila de Aprovação (100%) / Conteúdo Deletado (100%) / Ferramenta de IP (100%) / Gerenciar Usuário (Em progresso) Estarei traduzindo com o tempo... Przejdź do sklepu
  2. Tired of scrolling up to the top on phone/tablet to reach the "Unread Content" link or whatever other default stream you've setup? This plugin adds a link for it at the bottom of each page. Przejdź do sklepu
  3. This plugin disables the topic hover preview while viewing a forum. Features ACP setting to leave the preview enabled in certain forums. Przejdź do sklepu
  4. This plugin allows to replace the topic status icons in forum view and topic view with badges. Features Settings to enable/disable each icon separately: Featured Pinned Poll Solved Post Approval Notes If you'd like to replace also the Locked icon use my other plugin (TB) Show Badge for Locked Topics instead. Przejdź do sklepu
  5. Important: this plugin is intended for self-hosted sites only Are you somebody who makes use of the USE_DEVELOPMENT_BUILDS constant? Do you sometimes forget that you have it enabled on a DEV or TEST installation, or even your PRODUCTION/LIVE site? Would you like a little reminder that it is enabled, to avoid accidentally updating to an ALPHA or BETA version of the IPS Community Suite? Well, here you go...a reminder displayed in the 'Support' page Przejdź do sklepu
  6. This plugin allows to change the number of items shown per page since IPS supports this by default only for the Forums application (topics per page) and Pages application (records per page). Supported Applications System (ModeratorCP) Announcements Reports Warnings Blogs Blogs Blog Entries Commerce Support Requests Support Request Replies Downloads Category Files Gallery Albums Album Images Notes Please remember that changing the number of items per page might break old "page=X" links. If you'd like to see more applications supported let me know and I can take a look. Przejdź do sklepu
  7. This resource will create an automatic reply to the newly topic listing helpful predefined links added by the admin in a Admin CP module. Same behavior can be found on Reddit, for example. Przejdź do sklepu
  8. This plugin changes the default sorting for Questions-type forums to "Date" instead of "Votes". Features: ACP setting to exclude certain forums even with the plugin enabled. Przejdź do sklepu
  9. The application adds the ability to set an informational message when certain users or groups are selected as private message recipients. The message will be loaded automatically. Przejdź do sklepu
  10. Blockonomics helps you to track and accept Bitcoin payments. Take control of your BTC funds. Join 40,000+ users worldwide. All proceeds from the sale will be donated to the Ukrainian Refugee Fund. Przejdź do sklepu
  11. PayOp Payment Gateway for Invision Community. PayOp – more than accepting online payments! Offer your customers the most popular payment methods in just a few clicks. Optimize your business processes with unique payment solutions. Przejdź do sklepu
  12. This application adds a QR Code to the share button for items and the individual share popup for individual posts/comments/reviews. Features 2 free APIs supported: Google & QuickChart. Options to change the following settings for all APIs: size, margin, error correction level. The QuickChart API supports 3 additional settings: foreground and background color, image format. Notes Test colored QR Codes if you use the QuickChart API. Depending on the chosen colors' contrast the QR code might not work! If you'd like to see more free (or paid) APIs supported let me know. Przejdź do sklepu
  13. This plugin adds a (much needed) "Delete All Logs" button in the System Logs area to easily delete all logs. Features: The button appears only if there are logs to delete. No accidentals delete, the button requires a confirmation checkbox to be clicked. Option to delete only errors in certain categories rather than all logs. All actions are logged in the Administrator Logs. Przejdź do sklepu
  14. Forum add-ons Functions Icons Ability to use Google Material Icons Option to set icons in Usernav, Announcements, ModCP, Notifications Announcements Ability to display announcements in columns (1, 2, 3) Possibility to change color Ability to set gradient Add-ons Main Option to change color when hovering over text Medal display option (Currently only in Popular Contributors) IP display option for administrator only (Currently only in Topics) Slightly modified usernav Ability to enable sticky header (Currently only on mobile) Badge on a new message Modify "tooltip" Flash message Can be customized flash message: Set background color, Set text color, Set button (close) background color, Set button (close) text color Scrollbar appearance Can be customized scrollbar appearance Set track background color Set thumb background color Set scrollbar width Floating buttons Can be set: Button position (Left, Right) Back to top (button) Go to bottom (button) Back to home page (button) Social media Facebook Twitter Instagram PM Display full inbox information Logo Set animations for the logo Animations list pulse bounce rubberBand handShake "tada" wobble jello rotate Forums Section Displaying subforum in columns Section description under the title Different appearance of section stats Number of written topics Section icons Customizable section icons (Preferred: Fontawesome 6) Own message Ability to display a message for All, User, Group Options Background color Text color Possibility of a button redirecting to a topic / another page Title Message content Message icon Topics Settings Modify appearance of hidden posts Modify button appearance (quote, edit etc.) Ability to set button icons etc. CKEditor Ability to set Fontawesome 6 icons Advanced footer settings Settings Show advanced footer on mobile/tablet Icons in titles Appearance Background color (IPS footer) background color Text color (IPS footer) text color Width footer Title separator Color separator Section About us Title, icon, content Staff members (max. 10 members) Social media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Steam, LinkedIn, Discord, YouTube, Pinterest Section Quick links Section Community links Section 5 Latest topics Select forum (Ability to select a department that is not: Password-locked, redirected, and "Questions" type section) Badges (Topic pinned etc.) More information (Status, last post date, topic views) Przejdź do sklepu
  15. This plugin adds an icon in the Messenger sidebar to show the Notifications status for each PM since Invision Community doesn't show it anywhere except in the closed "Options" menu. Features: ACP setting to choose to always display the notifications icon, or only when they are enabled/disabled. Przejdź do sklepu
  16. This resource will allow to submit music lyrics and display them in a nice format. Features: Internal search by lyric title and content, artist, lyric writer and year released. Fully compatible with IPS 4.6 (Clubs, Recommended Comments, Content Message, etc.) Per-category features: Unlimited depth of parent-child relationships Background image to be displayed in index Icons Ability to use comments/reviews, tags, share, anonymous content, etc. Discussion topics Permission to show category, read articles, submit articles, add comments, and avoid approval queues Extra Fields that can be used per-category Integration with the suite: Report system, search, report, webhooks, achievements, reputation points, etc. Ability to add a Youtube embed video URL Ability to create RSS feeds of lyrics etc Przejdź do sklepu
  17. This plugin adds a visible badge for locked topics viewing a forum (by replacing the default, smaller lock icon) and viewing a topic (which doesn't show anything usually). Przejdź do sklepu
  18. This plugin allows to limit how many choices a member can vote in polls with multiple choice questions. Example: the question has 6 choices but you want the members to choose only 3 of them. Features: No configuration needed, just install the plugin and use it right away. Separate "Max Choices Allowed" setting for each multiple choice question. Old polls made before installing the plugin will still allow members to vote all choices. The "Poll Widget" in the Forums application is supported, too. Polls in the Blogs application are supported, too. As long as other applications use the framework code for Polls the plugin will work for those, too. Notes: Each purchase entitles you to use the modification on a single Community installation. Przejdź do sklepu
  19. Spanish language completed 85% translated trade admin forum among other things, more things will be translated Przejdź do sklepu
  20. While in forum view (where topics are listed), IPS always show the default social media community image. This plugin will take advantage from the Grid Card Image set up in your forum and will place it as og:image so it can be shared in social media with the proper image. How to use First, you need to edit your forum and add a Grid Card Image Then, share your forum link in social media and see how it's loaded: Disclaimer: please take into account that sometimes social networks cache your image, so it may take some minutes to change the behaviour. Przejdź do sklepu
  21. What is it? It's a new iteration of these plugins, but with loads of added goodness: (NE) Add ' Preview ' button in Forums (for IPS 4.3 & 4.4 only) (NE) Add ' Preview ' button in Forums (for IPS 4.5/4.6 only) What can it do that the previous plugins can't? The plugin above was created to provide a 'Preview' button at the bottom of the 'New topic' and 'Comment' form in the Forums application only (like in the old days). When clicked, the button simply launches IPS' own 'Preview' functionality in the editor - that button is in the Editor toolbar, and some felt it wasn't too logical being there. This new plugin, however... is not limited to the Forums application - it is for any front-end Editor instance in any application, including 3rd-party applications if you find a page where this doesn't work, please report it for further testing the button can now be configured as follows: located either directly under the editor, or at the bottom of the form on which the editor exists you can style or size the button too, all via the plugin settings supports multiple editor instances Example: let's say you have a Pages database which has 2 editor instances - each editor could have its own button below it, which handles that editor instance only. Or the button at the bottom of the form would enable the preview in all editors on the page. oh, and now when you click the button to turn on the preview you can click the button again to turn if off (instead of needing to scroll up to the top of the preview to click the IPS provided close button) The 'Who' & 'Where' for the button being available is all tied to the groups/areas setting for the 'Preview' plugin provided by IPS in the Editor itself (Customization -> (EDITOR) Toolbars ... click the button) Important notes: Editor instances within dialogs are not currently supported, but I am working on figuring that one out further. Editor instances in the ACP are not supported. Przejdź do sklepu
  22. NoName theme is universal, should fit to every community! Promo price for BETA version. THEME FEATURES: THEME DEMO: CLICK (in theme selection pick NoName) Przejdź do sklepu
  23. To celebrate Invision Community turning 20-years-old (an eternity in Internet years), I interviewed the company's founding fathers. Ahh the good ol' days. Remember simpler times? This new video interview touches on Invision Community's past, present and future thanks to the invaluable insight from @Charles, @Matt and @Lindy. In our chat together, these gentlemen... Take a nostalgic trip down memory lane and reflect on the company's origins Explain the power of community amidst the social media boom Offer advice for new community leaders on how to grow Share some of the biggest changes to the platform Recant fond memories from the earlier days Reveal a teaser of what's next for Invision Community Noteworthy quotes: Charles: Lindy: Matt: Thoughts on the interview? We'd love to hear from you in the comments! Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  24. This app allows you to set background images for your theme body element. Przejdź do sklepu
  25. ClanZ theme was created for gaming communities. Easy to configure with powerfull features. THEME FEATURES THEME DEMO: CLICK (in theme selection pick ClanZ) Przejdź do sklepu
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