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  1. Yes, I know. I'm sorry involving into this, but back then really loved the theme and kept look for someone who can sell to me (I don't have iPB license.) Thanks anyway.
  2. I paid someone to buy this theme (he has it too), is there any way to I get support or newer versions of nexxe? I didn't know that you guys were selling theme outside of invision. (The guy who gave me the theme is bought from invision, I have proofs of this. Can send screenshot)
  3. Flatum is one of the best theme made by CodeBite, is there any possibility to update it for the last invision versions?
  4. demo


    Test just
  5. oh my god! آه خدای من
  6. demo

    Test Zumzum

    Hi heheheeh
  7. demo


    Witam serdecznie !
  8. @Pan X
  9. good. you fix some bugs. but I see some more. maybe you can gonna check mobile version for fixing everything. Look on theme Acme and Nexxe
  10. I want to buy. But for me mobile first. I see many bug and design fixing particle. Maybe you can fix and after it will be best theme in the invision power market.
  11. hi. when you will fix mobile theme css issues?
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